Green Corp Machiya Mansion rent 130000YEN per month

Green Corp Machiya is a 2-minute walk from Machiya Station

Sakura’s blooming is beautiful in spring

There are two convenience stores, Seven Eleven and Familymart at Keisei line Machiya station, very convenient and the corp is located about 2-minute walk from there.

Green Corp Machiya Manshion

It is a floor plan of Green Corp Machiya Mansion.

It has a 2LDK floor plan.

There are Japanese-style rooms and Western-style rooms, and there are 13.2 tatami mats in LD.

The exterior will be a white-based building and Sakura’s blooming is beautiful in spring.

In addition, the entrance hall has slopes and solid handrails, making it an elderly-friendly design.

There is an elevator at the end of the slope

The elevator has windows so you can check for suspicious people.

The living room is large

Room photos



2DK,2LDK,賃貸 2K,2DK,賃貸情報館

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