How to write sketchup blueprints (from centerline)


The plug-in used DIBAC and GRID.

By combining these two plugins, you can draw a drawing with the center line.

SketchUp is not good at single grids, and I think many people take time to get the center dimensions, but it’s easy.

1.Draw a grid with the GRID plugin.This time it was 910mm.

2.Draw a dimension line.This work can be the last one.

3.Create a wall with DIBAC.I set the wall thickness to 105.

4.You can change the wall criteria with Tab.Based on the center of the wall.

5.Write windows and doors

6.Hide the grid. Not deleted

7.Set up a group. To launch with DIBAC

8.Launch to 3d

The method of drawing a drawing from the center line makes a big difference when you insert the SKP file into LAYOUT.

This is because it is easy to measure.

A long time ago, there were 3D methods by pulling drawings from JWW etc., but it became necessary.

It is convenient to use LAYOUT of SKETCHUP

LAYOUT can present models created with sketchup.

Moreover, you can now copy the Excel table.

①First, the layout screen

The summary created in Excel is attached here.

②Next, create a summary in Excel.

②Then attach the Excel table to the layout.

I have just attached a summary.


※jww is excellent software.It’s not good at matching, but it’s good for drawing drawings quickly.There are also many external transformations (plugins in SketchUp).Confirmation application drawing is software that can be written in about 1 hour.

Reference example

★歯科クリニックカウンターDental clinic counter

★事務所カウンターOffice counter

★3DチェックをしようLet’s check 3D