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Do you get a house to rent or buy?

Are you wondering whether to rent or buy a home?

There has been a long-standing controversy over “whether to borrow or buy”.

Which is benefit rent or

As a result

You had better buy !

In the future you are able to sell your property.

Housing loan is a like saving.

you can’t save even if you pay the rent every month.

If we repay the loan it will reduce the balance.

If the loan ends when you sell your house, you have money left.

What to worry about when buying a house

Purchase price >>>>> Sale amount

This is the case when the price drops extremely.

I’m Ishii from sale.
Rent VS Buy.
Which is better rent or buy?

Which is better?

It’s better to buy.

I see.
It’s a good deal if it sells higher than when you bought it

Oh,Yes !

If you are paying monthly rent, we recommend you to buy it.

If it’s not a new condominium, it’s okay first.

If it’s a second-hand property, you don’t have to worry about it.

In the case of second-hand properties, there are many cases where the amount bought = the amount sold.

Hermit crab Shisutemu system!!
This is the purchase method I recommend to customers.
First of all, I think it’s better to buy a cheap house.

At least you get better than renting.

Cash remains when sold。

If you’re wondering whether to rent or buy a home, we recommend buying one.

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